Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wild Sprouts

I am really excited with the news that Marie will letting 1 lucky winner design a new Wild Sprout for The Greeting Farm. As a kid I loved to draw, paint, doodle... there was always a pen or some sort of drawing material in my hands. I still remember back in 1st grade I said, "when I grow up I want to be an art teacher" I disliked my art teacher because she was REALLY mean and would pick on me about not drawing my palm trees the way she wanted them to look. From that point on I thought I wanted to be an art teacher because I knew I'd be a better and a nicer teacher than she ever was lol! It's funny how I can remember certain memories from my childhood, yet I cant tell you what I had for dinner last week lol! Honestly it's been years since I've gone back into drawing, but I couldn't resist drawing my my own Wild Sprout. I want to enter the challenge and I've already drawn 1 sprout and I may draw another to choose from. I'm still debating on what I'd like to name her, but I figure even if I don't get picked, it wouldnt matter because I still love the way she looks and I could use her in many of my own cards. So until the challenge starts, I leave you with a tiny sneek peek of what I drew up today.

Pardon the scan, This was drawn then colored then copied... I'm still trying to figure out the best way to scan things with my new printer.

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