Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm alive!

I'm alive, I swear! I've been so busy lately, I just haven't made any time to post. Life has been movin along with stamping, work, keeping up with my Etsy shop, you know the same ol' same ol'.... But lately we've also been looking for a new vehicle, talking about and *trying* to prepare ourselves for another move. Our new house is finished being built and it's almost move in ready. We close escrow on November 12th. Time is flying and we literally haven't done a single thing to get ready. That's 2 weeks away folks, and we have a laundry list of things to do, that's been untouched. We haven't started packing, gotten our home owners insurance, scheduled a home inspection, contacted a painter, found movers, looked for a moving truck, gotten our paint supplies, we havent put in our 30 days notice yet at our Apt complex and we also have yet to order any of the appliances we'll need like oh say.... a FRIDGE, a WASHER or DRYER!!! AYE!!!! There's so much to do, and so very little time... It's exhausing just thinking about everything.

In other such good news, I've been preparing for Halloween, my favorite time of year. I've been making ALL 12 of my close co-workers Anya themed Halloween cards w/ candy goodie bags and cupcakes. Oh crap! I just forgot abut the cupcakes till right now! lol I need to get the ball moving and finish up my Anya Halloween cards. I have like 5 more witch hats to draw and color before Friday along with the million other things to do on my list.

Here's a Preview of the huge mess of halloween greeting farm frenzy going on in my craft space. Anya isnt shown cause she isnt currently camera ready lol

Nite folks... I'm off to bed to get an early start tomorrow! ~ Toodles!

Sweet November Candy ~ Week 2

Another fabulous week of Amy's Sweet November Blog Candy!!!

Feast your eyes on this my pretties.... Come on.... You know you want it... Go check it out!!
7 days people!! Aren't you so excited you could just spit? LOL Amy's Sweet November Stamps are being released at All That Scraps on November 2nd!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Amy's Sweet November Blog Candy!!

Yesssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!! Right from the start I *knew* deep in my gut that Amy deperately needed to have her own stamp line & company, and I had no doubts she's get it! She is so darn talented it turns my stomach! lol So when the surprise came that all her faithful blog readers wishes came true.... Voila! Sweet November Stamps is born!!

Amy is giving away some amazing blog candy, and seriously.... I hope I win!!!! Her designs are amazing. I'm hoping for the chance that the random number generator picks me, but if not, I'll still be purchasing every single one of her stamps.

Visit her blog if you havent already... Amy is truly inspiring :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bewitchingly Cute

October has always been one of my favorite months. Falling leaves, crisp air, apple picking, pumpkin patches, Oktoberfest, festivals, and Halloween is approaching us coming soon. I've been out shopping for halloween goodies for some of my fellow co-workers. It's so much fun looking at new decorations each year. My halloween collections is becoming insane, which is good as it may help with decorations for next year. Kevin and I are hoping to have our wedding next Halloween. We want it dark, a little gothic, yet very romantic and elegant. We're hoping that if we can get the finances together and pull it off, we'll leave our guests with never forgetting our enchanting night. I've been working on halloween goodies and cards, and I just got this new cute digi stamp that I just couldnt wait to use. Isn't she cute!?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

testing testing ... 1...2...3

Just checking in quickly, life has been busy as ever, but I've still been checking up on all my favorite blogs daily. We're getting closer to finishing the house so we've been back n forth looking at the progress. We close escrow on November 12th, which is right around the corner. We had a slow day at work, and I worked on a card during my lunch break. Gotta love TGF and the versatility of switching stamps around. I used Reeta's head and Megan's body. Now I'm off to go get a hair cut which is extremely overdue, and to run a few errands TTFN!