Saturday, November 08, 2008

Busy Bee!

Been a little while since I checked in here. Life has been pretty crazy lately. Updates as of Lately:
1. Turned the BIG 30 in September
2. Got a mini daschund Puppy for my birthday.
3. Got Engaged on my Birthday.
4. My Fiancee moved in with me.
5. My Aunt Passed Away.
6. My Mom went into the hospital for a week.
7. PLanning and preparing for the Holidays.
8. Officially planning a wedding now! I feel kinda like a chicken with my head cut off between work, etsy orders, the puppy, family, wedding planning..etc...

Here's some pictures of Bailey...aka "The Destroyer of ALL things" LOL

8 weeks old - Her first night home

8 weeks old - Bailey was so shy

11 weeks old

14 weeks old - @ home relaxing in the sun

14 weeks old - Hanging at home w/ mom

Sunday, September 14, 2008

LA County Fair

So the summer is just about over, and we’re heading into fall, which happens to be one of my favorite times of year. Falling leaves, carmel apples, pumpkin patches, and Halloween. We don’t really get to experience the changing seasons in San Diego, but I still get to look forward to the carnivals, craft fairs, Oktoberfest, and festivals that are coming up... My best friend Liz, her Boyfriend Sam, Kevin and I all headed to the L.A. County Fair Today.... We had so much crap to eat... BBQ, Carmel Apples, Funnel Cake, Mini Doughnuts, etc... How can you go to a fair and not eat!?

Friday, August 01, 2008

Cuteness to the Max!

The cuteness kills me. I want to get a mini daschund so bad it's killing me! I was looking for daschund breeders earlier tonight.... eee! I mean how could you honestly resist these faces??

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Deep in the heart of Texas!

Its been awhile since I've checked in here, but I've been around keeping myself busy! The last update I posted was Kevin and I were going to Texas. We were going to fly into Austin and work our way around till we got to San Antonio. We went to look at the area, to check out houses, and overall just to see if we could see ourselves moving there. We had an Amazing trip! We traveled all over Austin, areas surrounding Austin, and then made our way down to San Antonio stopping in each city along the way. We looked at a ton of houses in differnt suburbs/cities, and even had time for some touristy fun. Some of the houses we saw were in very nice areas, and others were just too far out in the boonies. At this point, we're not sure if we're planning to move to TX, as that's still up for discussion. But for right now, we're both pretty happy right here in San Diego.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

7 days till Austin!

7 Days to go and Kevin and I leave for our trip to Austin. I'm getting more excited about our trip. I was having a hard time at first, because we're not just going on a vacation, but we're going to check out the city, as Kevin and I may be planning to purchase a home in Austin. I was having a few fears as it still feels like I just moved home from CT, and I'm already planning to jet off to another state. We had a talk about some of my fears and anxiety over this trip, and Kevin put alot of them to rest. He's so patient, understanding and he actually listens when I talk. It's amazing. I told him I would take some time today to make a plan of some things I would like to see while we're in Austin. I'm having a hard time finding things to do there during the day . We'll be heading over to San Antonio as well.... I'm finding tons to do there! Kevin is so excited about this trip its absolutely adorable! I still need to research more and maybe find a few houses we can check out.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Seasons of Change

I haven't posted a blog in a long time. I guess I didn't think I really had anything worth sharing. I went through a lot of changes since I moved back home from Connecticut, and things are going to be changing dramatically over the next year. Here's a mini re-cap on whats been going on over here in my world just to catch you up to speed....
I've been working at my full time job which I absolutely love.
I moved out and got an Apartment with my sister.
Reunited with some old friends and got my social life back.
Still at my job, and I still love it!
I wasn't looking for a relationship, I was still running from the thought of dating again. But before I could shoo him away I started seeing a new guy. We took things slow in the beginning which I needed, and we're officially together. Things are going great, and life is so much more exciting now! Yay! ^_^

I've been traveling up a storm. I've been to Vegas, went on a camping trip, Disneyland, and we're planning a trip to LA for this weekend, and Texas next month.
My sister moved out, and I'm living on my own .... Finally!!
Been busy fixing up my apartment and doing small fixer-uper projects around here.... lots of painting, rearranging, bought new furniture- this place is looking so cute!
Snail Mail Creations is on a temporary hiatus till I figure out what I want to do with it. - My website is currently down, but I still have my Etsy shop. I'd like to do a whole overhaul of my website, and re-start with a fresh look and ideas.... The hamster wheel is still turning over this one..... more to come later...

I haven't felt any sort of creative buzz in over a year. I went through a huge transition with 2 moves and just wasn't up to doing anything. I think I just needed a break. Today I started crafting again. It just felt good. I'm beginning to feel like myself again.
Been busy working on myself, having a social life, traveling and planning for the future.... lots of changes are coming.... I can feel the seasons of change.
Ps... I'm blonde now too! ha!