Saturday, September 19, 2009

Love in my mailbox

Today was quite the surprise. I went to check the mail and I got 2 notices to pick up packages at my Apartment Office. I walk in and one of the Apartment associates hands me 2 large packages... I say whaaat? My mom has been calling me all week asking if I received my b-day package yet, but nope these packages were not from good ol' mom. In fact, one was from my BFF Liz and the other one was quite unexpected, it was from a customer of mine Teresa. She had ordered some personalized address labels from me a couple times, and she's seriously one of the sweetest people I've NEVER met! lol The first time she ordered labels, I got a really sweet card in the mail thanking me, yet she purchased the labels from ME lol! I was so surprised I got a thank you card, so I sent her a card right back to thank her hahah!
Then she recently ordered more labels after moving, and now I get a random package in the mail. How sweet is this girl!? :) I dont even know if she knows I have a blog, but I'm going to have to come up with something really special to send her just because :)

My goodies from Liz

My goodies from Teresa

Just in case either Liz or Teresa read this...



Berenice said...

Super cute gifts! :)

Kim Y. said...

Awesome gifts! Your sprouts are so CUTE!