Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Farm Fresh Friday - Inside Counts Challenge

I’ve been waiting to create a card like this from the first moment I saw Wild West Anya & Sheriff Ian… The outside of the card looks like a regular old barn; shoot…it’s even in the shape of a barn! How sweet is that!? Then when you open it up, SURPRISE! Anya & Ian are having a Wild Western Hoe Down with their cute little Farm Friends! It’s a cute little way to say, “Howdy!” to anyone you know.

Being that I just moved to Texas, I thought this would be really cute card to send to a friend back home in California… (Californian’s have a tendency to think TX is full of barns, western gear and cowboys anyway lol! )

Ps... The Barn is a Digi Stamp made by Lynda Nielsen. I randomly came across it in her Etsy shop, and knew this was the perfect barn for my Greeting Farm Stamps. How can you have a farm without a barn anyway? :)



Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

Oh my, that card is too cute for words!

(I'm a transplant-to-Texas too, so I can empathize!)

Berenice said...

So nice card! Great job :)
I sent you a card last week hope you will receive it soon :)

Amy said...

Very creative and cute! I love the barn shape, so fun!

Claireabelle said...

This is just fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Jess, it's super cute! The barn shape is perfect, and I love the hoedown inside the card. :)