Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Courage, Strength, Hope, Faith

Yesterday my co-workers and I found out that another co-worker of ours just got a call from her doctor and found out she has breast cancer. My heart sank and my thoughts and prayers really went out to her since one of my Aunts recently found out she also has breast cancer. A few of us at work pitched in and got her some beautiful flowers and I was designated to make her a card. I quickly threw this together this morning while I was at work so we could all sign her card to let her know we were there for her. Now looking at the card all I see are mistakes and little things I would have changed, not to mention the lighting at work is horrible lol. It's funny how we can criticize our own work, yet it turns out she loved the card and was surprised that I made it :) It makes me feel good, to have brightened her day after receiving some unfavorable news.


Claireabelle said...

Jess its a lovely card and how lovely of you and your work mates to think of her. I hope everthing works out for her and your Aunt

Berenice said...

Your card is so beautiful! I will pray for your co-worker & aunt.

Anonymous said...

I think pretty much every office has bad lighting. ;) I always joke that I work in a cave because it's so dark in my office!

That card is perfect because it's thoughtful and comes from the heart. It's nice that your coworker has a network of people to support her at the office.

Best wishes to her and your aunt. ♥