Monday, September 07, 2009

I want candy!

Who doesn't love amazing blog candy?? Many of you who I talk with about the greeting farm, stamping, and all of the wonderful creations I've come across thorough the blog, the shop, know that when I mention how inspired I am by Amy, then the name wont come as a surprise when I mention her again today! I talk about Amy's creations as if she were one of my closest friends, yet I dont even know her LOL!! I just love her work, and she truly inspires me with every card she makes. Check out Amy's blog and her amazing blog candy she's giving away! Don't leave a comment because I wanna win! lol j/k! (kinda) hahah....

Anywho, what are you waiting for... go check it out and stay awhile and visit her blog... it's just as awesome as she is!! :)
What I want to win the most is her card of Birthday Anya... isnt this just too cute for words??


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