Monday, June 29, 2009

Update - Unemployment Blues

Update to my last post....

Not even 2 minutes after I posted my last blog venting about my job situation and how I ran out of my new job and training today, I just got a call about another job!

A huge part of my apprehension for my new job I accepted was due to a call I received last week. I think I had mentioned in my previous post that the same day I accepted my job offer I got a call about another job that sounded more up my alley and more like something I'd want to do. When I got the call I was really busy and was in the middle of trying to take care of "house stuff" and we were putting a deposit down on our house. Thinking back now, I shouldn't have answered my phone. I'm more likely to call someone back if I get a voicemail and can sit down at a later time and talk to someone about a job versus when I'm running around in a hurry trying to get as much stuff done. I told her I would think it over and call her back. Because of the timing of the phone call and being in the middle of trying to take care of things with the house, I never called her back. Instead I just obsessed about it all week feeling like an asshole for not calling her back. Then like an idiot I waited a week before finally calling her because I kept thinking it was too late, or that I waited too long and I was sure the job was taken by now. Also since I didnt call her back the next day, I was really feeling pretty jerky. Not to mention on top of it all, I already accepted the other job and my first day was today - Ugh! - I'm just a mess I tell you!

Anwyays...All week while my intuition was going crazy and red flags were flying up everywhere about this new job I accepted, I still couldn't let this other job go and it was constantly in the back of my mind. Then yesterday in between the stress and the tears about starting my new job, I called the other lady back and left her a voicemail. I appologized for not getting back to her sooner and just wanted to see if the job was still available. Then today after flipping out over this job and running outta there like a bat out of hell, I came home and posted my blog venting since I'm just feeling outta whack right now. Then not even 2 minutes later I just got a call from that lady about the other job I've been thinking about. Yay!!! So now I have an interview tomorrow. She was honest with me and said they were considering another gal for the job too, but told me the other girl hasn't even interviewed yet but they had interest in her by her resume. But then I guess they did about me too. So tomorrow's my interview and we'll see what happens :)

See folks... This is why I listen to my intuition.... it NEVER lets me down! :)

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