Saturday, June 27, 2009

Moving to Houston

I've finally unpacked and gotten Kevin and I settled in our Apartment in Houston. Our apartment is really cute, and much larger than our apartment we had back in San Diego. We've got about 200-250 sq ft extra, with new carpet, new appliances, a fireplace, central air conditioning, a pool, and a fitness center, all for $100 more per month in rent!

Our trip was exhausting and Kevin and I both agree we will most likely never make the drive to or from Texas to California ever again unless we give ourselves more time, even then, that’s a stretch. We were utterly exhausted and it was physically painful to be in a car for 10+ hours a day. I took lots of pictures to remember our journey, since I know one day I'll look back and be glad we had the experience of driving cross country for our big move. If we ever do it again, I'd want to ride with Kevin in the same car. It might make things a little more interesting. Overall we made it safe and sound and the pets did really well in the car over the 2 day trip. Bailey was on her best behavior, we didn’t have any accidents and she didn’t whine or make a peep the entire time. She was a trooper! :)

Day 1:

6:00 a.m. - all packed up and ready to go!

Got the dog?.... Check!Got the cat?.... Check!Headed out on the 8 going east!Headed into Imperial ValleySleepy BaileyHeaded towards Yuma, AZWelcome to Arizona!Space Age LodgeDinosaurs hanging out at the Shell StationDriving through miles and miles of catusEnjoying the beautiful scenery in Arizona

Driving though New Mexico.

The clouds are coming down in a funnel - we're headed towards a stormWe're about to drive under a gigantic rainbowThe storm gets darkerWelcome to Texas!

Day 2:

Driving through the dark since 4:00 a.m... the first sign of lightWatching the sun riseSmile! ...( I'm so exhausted!)Stopping to fill up the gas guzzlerKevin in the Penske TruckBailey waking up from sleeping all morningAre we there yet?

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