Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Watering Hole

Kevin and I decided to take a drive out to our home site since it's been a couple weeks or so since we've stopped by or even checked in with the sales office to see how everything is coming along with our house. They originally told us in mid August we'll get to set up a meeting with the builder and around the same time they'll break ground and start building our house. We're almost in mid August so we've been wondering if anything new has been going on in our new neighborhood.

We drove by tonight and were really surprised to see them watering down our lot. This is the first step right before they break ground to build. They'll get it all nice and wet to make it easier to dig deep for plumbing etc and then lay our foundation. As we were hanging out admiring our future home, Blake (Our Home Salesman) drove by since he lives right around the corner from where our new house will be. We got a chance to speak with him for a moment and he let us know we should be setting up an appt with the builder within the next week or 2. Things are moving right along... I can't believe they're already watering down our lot to get ready to start the building process. Once they start, everything will move very fast from here on out.

If you recall, just a few weeks ago things looked like this

Now they look like this

They've just started a new home right next door to us too

While we were there we also met one of our new neighbors. He was driving around checking out the neighborhood and his lot to see if they've started anything on his new house just as Kevin and I had stopped by too. He came over and introduced himself, he was extremely nice and we got to chat a little. He and his wife are newly married and they're around the same age as Kevin and I. They're closing date is within the same month as ours, so I am really looking forward to meeting his wife once we all get moved in. It would exciting if our new neighbors lead to making some new good friends :)

Anywho... that's all the updates on the house for now. Hope you enjoy!

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