Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy (early) Birthday to Me!

I dont know if anyone truly knows just how much I LOVE Hello Kitty! Ok so maybe that's a lie, but most people who know me pretty well know I dont just love hello kitty, they know I'm downright obsessed lol ~ Always have been... always will..... nuff said. :)

My birthday is coming up again in about 2 weeks. Meh! I hate Birthdays and getting older. Last year Kevin really outdid himself with birthday surprises that he'll probably never be able to live down for the rest of his life. #1 he proposed and #2 he also got me a puppy... talk about shocker! So now its basically impossible to top my last birthday with any sort of huge surprise. But this guy ceases to amaze me, and this year he did pretty damn good too! He got me an early birthday present and I'm really excited about it too! He got me the Sizzix Hello Kitty Big Shot. He knows how much I love HK, plus he knows how much I love crafting, scrapbooking and my obsession with The Greeting Farm and making fun & cute cards.

I've seen so many people making some of the most amazing cards, so of course I want to make some awesome cards too! My newest thing I've been dying to get are some spellbinders nestabilities to expand the possibilities for my cardmaking etc.... With my new Hello Kitty Big Shot, I can finally make some new shapes other than just circles or scalloped circles and add more flair to my cards. I feel so outta the loop on whats new and cool with the crafting machines. I need to find some more crafty friends, take a scrapbooking class again or go hang out at Archivers and try to make some friends by hanging out all day or something? lol I need to find a Scrapbook Expo too!

Next on my Wish List:
I dont know if anyone can tell, or how obvious it is... but ALL of my cards have been made with bare minimum craft supplies since we just moved and we're planning to move again in a few months once our house is built. I'm slowly getting more and more supplies together and then once our house is finished I'm gonna have my very own kick ass craft studio to work in :) Yee-Haw! Gotta get that Texas talk in there :) hahah Ok maybe not so funny, but I amuse myself :)~
Thanks for stopping by... it's the weekend folks so I'll be making more Greeting Farm Cards. My BFF's Birthday is coming up so I've gotta make her a card! :)


Berenice said...

Nice gift! I so love HK too! Have a nice day :)

Berenice said...

Hi again Jess! I just saw your comments on some of my post, I think the frog is a digital stamp. I wanted to write you an email but I don't have your email address. Since your birthday is coming I'll be so happy to send you a card. May I have your address?
Here's my email: