Sunday, May 11, 2008

7 days till Austin!

7 Days to go and Kevin and I leave for our trip to Austin. I'm getting more excited about our trip. I was having a hard time at first, because we're not just going on a vacation, but we're going to check out the city, as Kevin and I may be planning to purchase a home in Austin. I was having a few fears as it still feels like I just moved home from CT, and I'm already planning to jet off to another state. We had a talk about some of my fears and anxiety over this trip, and Kevin put alot of them to rest. He's so patient, understanding and he actually listens when I talk. It's amazing. I told him I would take some time today to make a plan of some things I would like to see while we're in Austin. I'm having a hard time finding things to do there during the day . We'll be heading over to San Antonio as well.... I'm finding tons to do there! Kevin is so excited about this trip its absolutely adorable! I still need to research more and maybe find a few houses we can check out.

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