Saturday, November 08, 2008

Busy Bee!

Been a little while since I checked in here. Life has been pretty crazy lately. Updates as of Lately:
1. Turned the BIG 30 in September
2. Got a mini daschund Puppy for my birthday.
3. Got Engaged on my Birthday.
4. My Fiancee moved in with me.
5. My Aunt Passed Away.
6. My Mom went into the hospital for a week.
7. PLanning and preparing for the Holidays.
8. Officially planning a wedding now! I feel kinda like a chicken with my head cut off between work, etsy orders, the puppy, family, wedding planning..etc...

Here's some pictures of Bailey...aka "The Destroyer of ALL things" LOL

8 weeks old - Her first night home

8 weeks old - Bailey was so shy

11 weeks old

14 weeks old - @ home relaxing in the sun

14 weeks old - Hanging at home w/ mom

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