Monday, January 18, 2010

Journal Books

My best friend Liz and I have been writing in these book/journals for years. We've maintained a long distance friendship over the past 20 years since I have a tendency to move around a lot. We write about what's been going on with our life and whatnot, to keep each other up to date on whats going on in each others lives. We decorate the book and then once we're finished writing in the book we mail them to eachother to read and keep. We make a due date of when our books will be due, so it doesn't take us forever to receive the books, and we work on it for a few weeks and then send them off in the mail. When they arrive a few days later, its really exciting to see her book, how she decorated it and then sit down and read all about what's been going on with her life. I get all the juicy details that aren't necessarily posted on facebook, myspace, twitter, or any other networking site these days so It makes me feel special, like I know parts of her life she may not always share with others. Anyway, last month I decorated the front of her book using Sweet November's Cookie Break stamp of Santa since our books were due December 15th.

This month our books were due on January 15th, and I was smart and quickly took a picture before rushing it into the package to ship it off. I wanted to make her a special twilight inspired book since I know she's seen the movies, plus I was dying to show her my TGF stamps of Flirty Edward and Camille that I got awhile back ~ I just love these! :)

Pardon the pics, but it was late and extremely dark in my kitchen when I was finishing up her book. I need to prepare more and take better pictures next time.

Thats all for now folks, I've gotta run and get some stuff done. See ya later! :)



Anonymous said...

That's one of the most thoughtful, original ways to keep in touch with friends. ♥ It must take a lot of discipline to keep at it! I like your digistamps — so cute! Much cuter than the real Bella and Edward. =P Heh.

Amy said...

What a great idea to keep in touch with a bff! Love this cover, so perfectly Twilight-y!