Sunday, March 29, 2009

Headed to Houston

We're heading back to Texas in just a couple of weeks, and this time we're headed to Houston. We've been looking to move to Texas, as last year we went to Austin & San Antonio. So far by the way things are going, i'd say we currently have a 95% chance we're actually moving. It's pretty exciting since we both feel as though we can't move in a forward direction in life and as a couple in California. It's time for a change and this feels like good timing.

We've been lookiong for things to do while we're in Houston and I have to admit, the only place I'm really looking forward to going to so far is CRAVE.

Dont's these look delicious? I could so go forma cupcake now! yum!

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Stephen Baird said...

love your cupcake photos.