Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ok, I don't mean to make this entry a total bitch-fest, but in the last 24 hours since I wrote last, everything has just been.. well exhausting. So since this is my journal,I figure I'm going to sometime or another. So if you dont wanna read any of my bitchin, this is your last chance to Exit. lolSo Last night I could have sworn I was going to freeze to death. There's nothing like crawling in bed waiting to hop into some covers and hit the hay...But that didnt happen. I laid in bed for almost an hour trying to fall asleep cause there's nothing like a bedhog and cover-stealing boyfriend & cat to keep you frozen through most of the night. haha Mike must have been dreaming but I dont know what was going on in his dreams, but I almost got elbowed and sucker punched in the eye a few times while trying to fall asleep. Then he starts flailing around in bed tossing and turning and then starts snoring really loud. He normally never snors, so i was super annoyed by this lol. I moved his head so he'd stop snoring, and then between fighting for an inch of covers with Mike and trying to find a place to put my feet where i could be comfortable, my cat refused to move off the edge of the bed. All I can say is she puts up a mean fight- stubborn cat! I kept moving my feet trying to make her get up and jump off the bed, but she wasn't havin it. She stayed put, and then eventually got up only to lay on top of me. lol ~ Last night was definetly not one of my better nights of sleep. I woke up this morning with a sore throat, and stuffy nose.. I was not a happy camper! All i remember is waking up and mumbling to Mike telling him he's a Cover Whore! LOL When I was slightly more coherent, I checked for any signs of frostbite LOL. Luckily, I didnt lose any limbs. - I think when we move, I want my own room, and my own bed hahah! A girl just needs her sleep dammit!
Today was a busy day, It was still raining when we woke up, so I went and took a hot shower, hoping that would make me feel a little better. Then we went out to run our normal Saturday errands, like the Bank, Post Office and anything else that needs to be done. Then we stopped off at Mike's mom's house to pick up some boxes she saved from when she moved. We're moving in a week, and have no boxes and have hardly packed anything. So we went there, and got the boxes and talked with her a bit. She made us some lunch, and then we watched the neighbors across the street because one of the girls across the street was getting married. I saw her pop out in her front yard to see if it had stopped raining yet, and she was in her wedding gown. - She had a georgous gown!! I was so envious of her today. - The maybe a 1/2 hour later if even that, it had seemed that magically is had stopped raining and the sun came out!! I couldnt believe it!! The clouds parted and we had blue skies.. it was Beautiful today around 1-2pm. :) That girl who was getting married must have been soooo happy!! It had rained 8 days straight, and on her wedding day, by noon the sun comes out.- Now thats awesome! So then mike and i went home, and started packing since we got a whole bunch of boxes. Then after we did that, we decided that we really needed to paint out bedroom. When we moved here our walls were white, so we decided to paint the bedroom, and always said we'd just paint it back to white when we moved...Man was that a stupid plan! I would have just said forget it, and let them take part of my deposit so they can paint the walls back to white after we move, but our landlords are nice, and told us not to pay our last month of rent, and they'll just use our deposit. So now we felt obligated to paint the walls back ourselves since we said we'd do it from the begining. So we spent the rest of our afternnon painting. - It didnt take too long to paint, but we wernt neccessarily using our brains when we thought since we were painting, we should finish up our room and take the air conditioners out of our windows, so our bedroom would pretty much be done till moving day. Well when we took the air conditoner out of the window water came gushing out like there was no tomorrow!! - it was soooooo disgusting!! I loved having the air conditioners this summer, but after seeing the inside of an AC after it was running most of the summer, and then its been raining cats and dogs here, its just not a pretty sight. Anyways, so after cleaning that up and finishing the painting, I'm just pooped now. lol I didnt lose any limbs last night from frostbite, but my body is so damn sore from painting, and reaching, and bending, and painting, and moving heavy furniture, I think my legs are going to detach themselves from my body at any moment. LOL Argh well i gota go- Mike is whinning to help him go put our room back together since our bed is still up against the dresser, and everything is out of place since we were letting the paint dry.. Bye for now :)Updated after quickly rushing off to help my incompetent boyfriend: Ok Mike is such a dork! I hurried and ended my jounral entry as fast as I could so he'd stop whining to come and help him put the room back together, and then I get there, and he's finished. - Pfft!! Men! Argh! How Typical! lol

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