Saturday, October 15, 2005

Ahhh, I was feeling the chill of the October air all day today. I was a little bummed out because it's almost Halloween, and I haven't gotten to decorate at all. We're in the process of packing everything up and getting ready to move by next week, so I've been unable to decorate anything for Halloween. It's been a bummer, cause I have these really cute Halloween Decorations that I bought, and cant put them out yet until we move. Once we move and semi get settled, the decorations will get to be on display for about a week, then the next thing you know Halloween will be over, and I'll have to try again on the whole Halloween Decorating next year. Ahh.. C'est La Vie..
Anyways, The weather has been so crazy lately- It has been raining a week straight. I've almost forgotten what the sun looks like LOL I miss the warmth. Its so crazy cause It's fall.. My first fall season ever, and if this rain doesnt stop soon, I'll miss all the Fall Foliage, and all the trees will lose all their leaves, and it'll be too cold and wet and we'll go straight into winter. (I really hope that doesnt happen)I was supposed to take pictures of my first fall.

This is what we "should" be seeing...

This is what we're currently seeing.... lol

I love it when it rains at night, and your trying to fall asleep.. its so relaxing and soothing... Speaking of sleep.. i guess I better get some. I've got a busy day tomorrow.

Nighty Night! -*Miss J*

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