Monday, August 09, 2010


There's nothing I love more than sending RAK & fun things in the mail to friends. One gal I'm always sending random letters to sends me the cutest and most thoughtful cards she's picked up at craft stores and other random places. As much as I love to sit and make people cards, I've never made her one, so I thought I'd finally make her a card. I fell in love with Amy's mermaids, and snatched up each one. When I was a kid i used to pretend and believe I was part mermaid. Splash was one of my favorite movies and I could swear I could always breathe underwater lol... funny the things we think up when we're kids huh? Anywho, since I've always had such a fondness of mermaids, after all I am one right? I thought this was too cute. I'm having a hard time sending this card off in the mail, but I made sure to take lots of pics ;) .... god I am such a dork! lol


Berenice R. said...

So beautiful card! :)

Amy said...

OMGosh, this is so cute Jess! I love the punched border and your coloring is awesome!
Every time I'd swim when I was younger I would become a mermaid, those were the days! ;)